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6 weeks to become fighting fit

Take the next step toward your health and fitness goals. Train like a boxer, condition your body and develop confidence… without having a punch thrown at you.
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Choose Your Training Option

Within 6 weeks you will receive individual strength and conditioning programs, nutritional advice, restoration protocols as well as small group training once a week. These sessions are capped at 10 people to ensure quality coaching and boxing skill work can be taught to an optimal level. Both time slots will have options for beginner as well as advance.


(No Contact)

If you really want to hone in on your technique and mechanics this is the group for you.

We will go from basic stance, movement, punch technique, and defensive maneuvers all without being hit.

When: Either time slot – 715am mondays or friday 5pm (click 2nd ‘sign up now’ for Friday time slot)

Starts 18th July



If you want to up the ante and try yourself at some sparring and light contact drills while learning the specific strategies of attacking and defending then choose this option.

We will cover defending more in depth, attacking the body, head and advanced moves such as parrying and opening and hitting.

When: Either time slot – 715am mondays or friday 5pm (to register for Monday time slot click above ‘sign up now’)

Starts 18th July

What You’ll Learn

Boxing Skill

Small group sessions designed to build your boxing knowledge and skill application. Capped at 8 people ensuring everyone gets 1 on 1 coaching throughout the session. Minimal contact sparring if you wish, bagwork and padwork are some of the tools used to develop your skills.

Strength and conditioning

Designed to build strength specifically for boxing and avoid injury, with the conditioning aspect relative to fitness needed to outlast a boxing match. Ideal for people wanting to decrease their fat percentage.

*Provided at extra cost

Nutritional Advice

Guidance throughout the 6 weeks to help you optimise fat burning and maintain muscle mass.

Restoration protocols

Hot and cold therapy, hyper-volt, and mindfulness practices to aid in recovery and cognitive performance

*Must be a Restoration Zone member



Boxing Coach & Athlete

I’ve been involved in boxing for over 10 years, since having my first fight in 2011 after taking a break from rugby, I soon fell in love with the sport.

From winning the state title in my second fight I knew I had a future in the ring. Fast forward a few years, I had fought in multiple State titles, National titles, and International fights.

With the love of boxing and coaching combined, I’m grateful to say that I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to all levels of boxing. Ranging from teaching beginners how to throw their first punch, all the way to professionals in search to refine their craft.

Within in the last couple of years I have been a part of Dennis Hogan’s Professional Boxing Team in which I gained experience and knowledge that is incomparable.

Helping him as an athlete has allowed me to refine my coaching not only for his ability but for all levels of boxing I coach.

Weekly Session Plan


Programmed bagwork and conditioning


Programmed strength and conditioning


Group skills and conditioning


Active recovery + restoration
(protocols given)


Programmed strength and conditioning


Group speed and agility


Active recovery + restoration
(protocols given)

Weekly Component Details

Speed + Agility session

Change of direction/Agility

Level 1 – absorptive
Level 2 – absorb and drive (lateral or horizontal)
Level 3 – change of direction
Level 4 – visual cues for change of direction


Sprints – 10, 20, 30 second efforts
Sprints from a reaction – visual/audible

Programmed boxing sessions

Bagwork at different intensities and durations.

Within the 6 weeks your conditioning should be up to an standard of 6 intense rounds.

Strength and conditioning

Build a great strength foundation specificaly for boxing with key focus on rotational strength and midline stability. Prescribed workouts twice a week

*Provided at extra cost


Skills + conditioning

From throwing a punch with the correct technique to avoiding punches thrown at you. skills will be broken down in a simple step by step format beneficial for any level of skill

Active recovery + Restoration

Hot cold therapy – 3/1 hot to cold ratio ( e.g if you can only handle 3 minutes in cold do a sauna/steam for 9 minutes.) And do minimum 2 rounds with finishing on cold.

My personal favourite is 3 rounds of 15 minutes sauna. 5 minutes cold

*Must have Restoration Zone membership



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